by - Friday, February 08, 2019

kalau kamu baca tulisan ini, artinya kamu pertama kali membaca tulisan irfan sejak 5 bulan terakhir, pertama di 2019. selamat, tentunya.

Nothing left to write here, actually. except all sadness all day long. haha. 2018 adalah tahun yang menyenangkan, dengan orang orang terbaik yang masih sempat aku miliki, masih sempat aku berikan hal hal terbaik yang aku punya. sekarang di laptop ini sedang diputar lagu what would i do, lagu dengan beat santai tapi lirik yang cukup bangsat bila dipahami.

nobody care with you actually except yourself. then, when im down, im never talk to anyone cause i know, nobody will be more wise than myself, cause i know how myself work, think and regret. people dont.

so here, my first letter to myself, 
all is good.
chase your dream by yourself, alone.
enjoy loneliness without your ex.
she dont want you.
she cant understand what you mean.
go date yourself
stop thinking about future with her.
all is over.
everything not more than some bullshits.
you should realized, you will be a cheater,
till you find someone really love you.
she dont, 
so stop cryin
no men cry after break up.


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